WinMover 3.2

WinMover is software for quick managing of your windows
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Every user who uses computer not only for playing games and surfing the Internet knows that for effective work it’s very important to have a convenient tool for managing windows on the desktop. The importance is especially appreciable when you have a lot of opened windows during working process. If you can’t quickly manage them achievement of required results would become a very difficult exercise. WinMover is software that was developed to offer an alternative way of managing your windows. This small application runs in the system tray and allows using different combinations of keyboard and mouse keys for performing such standard operations as moving, resizing, minimizing, maximizing, restoring and closing windows. You can define such combinations in program’s preferences section. Here you can also create a list of exclusions. Windows that belongs to any program from this list can’t be managed by defined key combinations. It is a useful program.
Though the developer warns that there is a bug ("Warning! WinMover will cause any application to freeze under some conditions. There is not known when this will be fixed. Until then: download it on your own risk.") I did not have any problems when working with it.

Ilya Barmenkov
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